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YouTube for Kids: The Benefits of Read-Along Books

Updated: Jan 28

More parents are either homeschooling their children or looking for ways to enhance their lessons in school. One valuable resource parents may not know is available to them is YouTube. There are kids YouTube channels that children can learn from with read-along books.

Video books for preschoolers

Read-along books found on kids YouTube channels entertain your preschool children with vivid animation and educational entertainment. These videos are packed with great stories and the readers embellish the stories with comments about what is going on with the characters as well as just reading the story aloud. These read-aloud books will keep your toddler's eyes glued to the computer screen each day.

There are many benefits of introducing preschool children to YouTube’s Read aloud videos. The first is the advantage of a skilled, fluent reading at a higher level than they are capable and this gives them an excellent model of a correct reading of the material. It also allows them to learn the words by following the action of the narrative.

Early childhood education specialists cite the preschool year as an important learning time. The read-aloud videos on the kids’ channels provide entertainment for young children and help them develop a love for reading. The videos can also be watched independently at any time the child is ready.

Ideally, reading one-on-one is the ideal scenario. However, parents sometimes can’t drop everything and read to their child at the exact moment they want. Using the read-aloud resources puts bright, entertaining stories at the child’s disposal.

Getting the most from your read-along

To make sure children are getting the full benefit of the read-aloud videos, parents should preview and select the ones they feel their child will enjoy and get the most from. To select the best read-aloud videos, there are certain criteria to look for. It is important parents are always in control of their child’s YouTube time.

The reading should be clear and the visuals should easy for the child to follow. Look for readers who have clear diction and videos which stress actual reading instead of special effects and music. Look for a reader who shows the text of the book while they are reading.

Readers who show the cover of the book and mention the title and author are great. Parents can gather the information and possibly find a copy of their child’s favorite book at the local library for more reinforcement and extra time for the child to enjoy the story. Finally, the reader should be fluent and expressive.

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