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Laugh and learn with Rosie’s collection of storybook videos which feature moving text.


You’ll love our kinetic books and read along books for kids which mix traditional storytelling with animation to bring your child’s favourite everything’s rosie characters to life. Through this unique combination, a kinetic story encourages your child to learn to read whilst having fun.


Which story will you choose to read first?

Twinkle, Twinkle

Holly has never seen a shooting star so Rosie organises a sleepover under Oakley to see if they can spot. Holly, meanwhile, sets out to collect all the 'stars' that have fallen to Earth and asks her friends to help her launch them back into the sky!


The Incredible Vanishing Bees

Big Bear wants to show Raggles how bees make honey, but when they go looking for the flowers in the orchard, they’re all gone, and there's no sign of any bees either! Can Big Bear solve the mystery of the Incredible Vanishing Bees?


Across the Universe

Kids can learn the names of all the planets in the Solar System with Rosie and friends as they enjoy a star-gazing evening at Big Bear's den. Unfortunately, Grandfather Bear's telescope is accidentally broken! Will Big Bear ever be able to see the planets again?


The Abominable Snow Bear

When Oakley tells the story of the Abominable Snowman, Big Bear and Rosie set out to find him! Meanwhile Will, Holly, Bluebird, Raggles and Archie have fun in the snow, and try to make the biggest snowman ever!


Mini Beast Safari

Little Bear wants to go on a safari in this fun video for toddlers but is disappointed when he discovers the “footprints” in the mud were made by Rosie and Raggles. Big Bear takes everyone on a mini-beast safari and soon they’re all rushing around to find ants, ladybirds, butterflies, caterpillars and snails.


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