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Easy Recipes for Kids: Putting The Fun Back Into Food

Updated: Jan 26, 2022

For anyone who has ever spent time in the kitchen with small children you’ll know that it can be a time-consuming, and sometimes frustrating, experience. But, no matter how many sticky chocolate hands or jam smeared faces we wipe clean – one thing’s for sure… The look on their little faces when they’ve created something edible from scratch is a joy to behold! Everything’s Rosie Easy Recipes for Kids allow children to get in to the Kitchen and get creative while learning valuable lessons.

Cooking, even in it’s most basic form, teaches children solid life skills including maths (counting and measuring), language development (think of all those new words they’re going to learn from fun, easy recipes), building self-confidence, and most importantly laying the foundation for healthy eating habits.  Let’s face it, popping a ready meal into the microwave is sometimes essential in our ever increasingly busy lives but nothing beats the satisfaction of creating food from scratch, and with our easy recipes for kids it could not be easier. 

Preschoolers can be fussy eaters but by bringing them into the kitchen you’ll expose them to new tastes and experiences. Our easy recipes for kids allow children to learn by exploring with their senses – let them listen to the whirr of the mixer, knead the bread dough, roll the pastry and enjoy feeling, smelling and tasting the food - after all cooking is Science in Action!

Start simple – 5 or 10 minutes in the kitchen might well be the limit of their attention span but by giving them easy tasks such as spreading, stirring or rolling you’re not only helping to develop hand-eye co-ordination but they’ll also feel they’ve achieved something.  Simple and easy recipes for kids are a good place to start and it doesn’t matter whether kids create a slightly wonky cake or a pizza with strawberries and cheese on top! Cooking will boost their confidence and give them a sense of achievement.

Download our Gluten free Recipes


As kids grow they can move on from the easy recipes and take on bigger cooking tasks, learning that creativity is key.  Following an easy recipe for kids will help children to improve comprehension, teaching them how to follow a sequence, and encourages independence. However, experimenting and adapting recipes by adding your own personal touches can also be hugely rewarding.

The benefits of cooking with children speak for themselves, and with our easy recipes for kids it cannot be easier.  Preparing, discovering and creating food in the kitchen will encourage an interest and enthusiasm that will last a lifetime.  Have FUN WITH FOOD - it may take some flexibility and simple prep work but quality time in the kitchen together will be a culinary adventure that you’ll both enjoy

Rosie’s Recipes are quick and simple treats that you can make in the kitchen with your children.  Prep time has been kept to a minimum with all the emphasis on HAVING FUN!



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