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Benefits of singing Cbeebies Songs

Updated: Jan 26

When we are grown-ups we pretty much stop watching cartoons. We prefer movies. But if someone was to mention the name of your favourite cartoon, what would pop up in your mind? A song, of course! That very song you were singing at the top of your lungs every time your favourite cartoon appeared on the screen. There is no doubt that you can sing that song right now. You just never forget, because those memories last forever. Do you feel how warm and sweet those memories are? So, let’s give such memories to our children because it’s also very beneficial.

Nowadays, even small children tend to spend most of their free time in virtual reality. It leads to social isolation. But music and songs are amazing tools that can help your child to overcome it. Unfortunately, it’s not so easy to make your kid sing and learn lyrics. But there is a solution. Children love cartoons and can easily remember the lyrics of the theme song.

So, there are a lot of cartoons that are full of Cbeebies songs that can teach your kid almost everything. For example, the cartoon “Everything’s Rosie” has Cbeebies songs that teach children the alphabet, vocabulary, emotional intelligence and much more.

If you’re still not sure about the benefits of singing Cbeebies, there are some facts from scientists. Singing helps to enhance children’s brain development and improve such skills as organization, counting and pattern recognition. Moreover, while singing to songs children can learn to express their emotions through the voice, match tones, vary speed and volume, etc.

Scientists also say that familiar songs create a sense of comfort and safety for children. So, if your children are nervous or afraid, you can sing one of their favourite songs together and give them comfort. They will feel familiar with the tune and calm down. Songs are also perfect for bedtime. You can learn a Cbeebies lullaby song from kid’s favourite cartoon and sing it together. Such practice would signal a child that it’s time to transition from one activity to the next.


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