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Holly wants a cuddly pet but the cheeky frog Will finds at the stream isn't quite what she was looking for, especially when it licks her teddy!  Holly wishes frog would go away, but when he actually does disappear, she realises she misses her “licky sticky friend” after all.

WILL and BIG BEAR are fishing at the stream when a cheeky frog appears.  The frog won’t leave them alone, jumping everywhere and croaking at WILL. BIG BEAR suggests they go home and find something else to do.  Unknown to them, the frog jumps into Will’s bucket.

Back at the garden, the frog jumps out and startles everyone! WILL remembers that HOLLY wanted a pet.  OAKLEY says a frog is a wild animal – you can’t keep it as a pet.  WILL understands but when he tries to catch the frog, it dodges out of the way and hops off.


At WILL and HOLLY’S house the frog jumps onto Holly’s book, leaving a slimy mark! She shrieks as the frog hops around the house with WILL desperately trying to catch it.  When it sticks it’s tongue out and licks Holly’s teddy, she is disgusted.  Frog follows her everywhere, croaking loudly and curling out its long tongue.  BIG BEAR says it doesn't mean any harm, it just wants to explore.


ROSIE reads the story of the Princess and the Frog.  To her surprise, HOLLY finds herself sad that frog has finally gone and is sorry she didn't give him more of a chance…  WILL finds frog at the dam where he is happily jumping over logs with the beavers.  HOLLY blows a kiss to him. He didn’t turn into a Prince but she loves him just as he is – her licky sticky friend!