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It's egg-hatching time for Teal but she needs someone to sit on her nest while she looks for duck weed. Raggles is the perfect choice but when the ducklings hatch they think Raggles is their mummy.

ROSIE and RAGGLES visit TEAL the duck at the stream. It’s egg hatching time and TEAL has to stay sitting on her nest but she’s forgotten to get some special duckweed… she needs it to feed the ducklings when they hatch.  RAGGLES offers to look after her eggs while she’s gone.  He always thought he'd make an excellent duck!  


As RAGGLES sits on the nest, keeping the eggs warm, they start to hatch! The newly hatched ducklings blink at RAGGLES and think he’s their Mamma. The ducklings follow him wherever he goes. ROSIE points out the ducklings should be with TEAL their real mummy, learning how to swim.  RAGGLES says he’ll teach them how to swim and TEAL will be delighted with him.


Meanwhile, HOLLY helps BLUEBIRD find a new outfit to wear to celebrate Teal’s egg-hatching – two large fluffy blue feathers.


At the showground, the swimming lessons are not going so well. ROSIE and WILL watch as the ducklings struggle to follow RAGGLES into the water.  They need to find TEAL quickly but the ducklings won’t stop following RAGGLES.


ROSIE wonders if the ducklings will follow BLUEBIRD’S new tail feathers instead of RAGGLES and encourages BLUEBIRD to head towards Teal's nest...  When TEAL returns she is very grateful to RAGGLES and BLUEBIRD for looking after her ducklings for her.   Everyone watches from the bridge as Teal gives the ducklings their first proper swimming lesson.

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