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Will is enjoying playing practical jokes on everyone but Raggles has the last laugh when Archie gives him a mysterious packet containing a special trick all the way from Mexico.

RAGGLES sees a cake sitting on a plate by the door. He tries to grab it, but it’s whisked away on a string.  WILL leans out from behind a nearby bush… that was a good joke!  In the garden, ROSIE and HOLLY spot an unusual flower.  ROSIE bends down to smell it and gets a big squirt of water in her face.  WILL leaps out again, laughing.  He loves a good joke!


At the den, BIG BEAR is making pancakes.  He cracks an egg on the side of the bowl, but it bounces off, pings off the floor and bounces out of the door.  WILL prances in from outside, laughing his head off.  He loves the rubber egg trick!


ARCHIE says he has the best practical joke of all and gives RAGGLES a small packet containing Mexican Jumping Beans!  In the potting shed, ROSIE and HOLLY accidentally pick up the packet and the beans jump out!  They flick soil everywhere and run amok in the garden.


They have to catch the beans so ROSIE and WILL lie in wait with two large butterfly nets.  When the Beans jump past and fly through the air, they land safely in the nets.  RAGGLES quickly puts them back in their packet and returns them to ARCHIE.  He thinks everyone has had enough of practical jokes for one day!