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Big Bear wakes from a long Winter sleep to hear about all the fun everyone has had in the snow.  He feels he's missed out, until Rosie remembers there’s a little bit of snow left on Oakley’s Hill, and they decide to make Big Bear one last snowball…

Outside is brilliant sunshine and on OAKLEY’S hill is the remains of a snowman.  RAGGLES is sad the snow is finally melting but ROSIE has heaps of photos of the fun they had in the garden!


Meanwhile, BIG BEAR is sound asleep in his den, when his alarm clock goes off.  It’s been a long winter and he hopes he hasn’t missed much by being asleep for so long.  BLUEBIRD tells BIG BEAR all about the snow – it was the event of the year!


At the playground, ROSIE shows the snow photos to WILL and HOLLY, when BIG BEAR joins them.  It’s a shame he missed all the snow, it was the deepest yet ROSIE tells him.  They did sledging and snowballing and built a snowman!  BIG BEAR is downcast, he would love to have been there.


ROSIE is determined to make it up to him.  They head to the sandpit and try to make a ‘snow angel’, but sand isn’t as soft as snow, it just doesn’t work.  Next, they wrap BIG BEAR up in scarf and gloves for some sledging, but the sledge gets stuck on the grassy slope of OAKLEY’S hill.


ROSIE has an idea and runs to OAKLEY’S hill where she carefully gathers up the remains of snowman.  She hurries back to where BIG BEAR waits, eyes closed.  She presents BIG BEAR with a single snowball just for him!  WILL urges him to throw it.  The precious snowball flies through the air and lands with a plop on BLUEBIRD’S head!


Big Bear got to throw the last snowball of the year and everyone cheers!

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