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Something is getting up Oakley’s nose and he can't stop sneezing! When Little Bear is carried away on a kite after one of his giant sneezes, Rosie is determined to find out exactly what is making Oakley sneeze.


RAGGLES is building a brick tower when there’s a huge loud sneeze from outside and the
blocks come crashing down!

On the hill, OAKLEY is sniffing. BIG BEAR, LITTLE BEAR and HOLLY are concerned. BLUEBIRD
thinks he might be getting a cold. As OAKLEY sneezes again, he blows LITTLE BEAR down the
hill and into a muddy puddle. LITTLE BEAR is now very smelly but HOLLY gives him a squirt of
her new perfume, she made it herself!

WILL arrives dragging his kite on a string. OAKLEY blasts out another powerful sneeze which
sends the kite up into the air, dragging LITTLE BEAR along with it!

LITTLE BEAR holds onto the string of WILL'S kite and is propelled along by the force of
OAKLEy'S sneeze. ROSIE and the others run after the kite which leads them to SAFFIE, who
catches LITTLE BEAR in her branches.

Back on the hill, OAKLEY is still sniffing and ROSIE thinks BLUEBIRD’S feathers are making him
sneeze! Sulky BLUEBIRD is not amused - she says her feathers are beautiful and they smell
wonderful now that HOLLY has sprayed her perfume on them!

As OAKLEY lets out the biggest sneeze yet, HOLLY tells him she's really sorry about her
perfume getting up his nose. OAKLEY tells her it's not her fault. He's always had a sensitive
nose, ever since he was a sapling, and right now he can smell LITTLE BEAR who needs a bath!

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