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Everyone's gone water-crazy in the hot weather and the friends are having fun in the sun! But disaster strikes when Holly discovers the stream has dried out and declares they have used up ALL THE WATER IN THE WORLD! Rosie sets out to solve the mystery.

It’s a hot, sunny day and ROSIE and RAGGLES are having fun soaking each other with water squirters.  HOLLY is filling her paddling pool and the birds are splashing in the fountain.  On the hill, OAKLEY makes a big sucking, gurgling noise as he drinks water from the ground into his roots.  Trees need plenty of water too, especially in hot weather, and water is precious.


WILL borrows ROSIE’S hosepipe to wash his Go Speeder and BIG BEAR is in his vegetable garden rushing about with watering cans.  It seems everyone wants water today!  Suddenly there is a cry from HOLLY at the stream.  The stream bed is dry… it looks like they’ve used up all the water in the world!


ROSIE tries to calm everyone down and sets off to find out where the water has gone.  Up ahead, she sees two beavers sitting on a dam!  HOLLY remembers OAKLEY told her about beavers who live in streams. They make dams to catch fish.


Gently, ROSIE explains they have blocked up the entire stream and the plants and creatures need water to survive.  The beavers are really sorry and offer to go and live somewhere else but ROSIE has an idea…  They remove some twigs from the dam to allow water to pass through and refill the stream.  The others then re-use the water they’ve already taken to water the plants and play at the same time.