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Rosie is trying to teach RAGGLES a song about washing up when HOLLY and BIG BEAR come calling with a dilemma.  They have been playing a game of hide and seek with WILL but can’t seem to find him.  ROSIE reminds them that WILL is very good at hide and seek, and suggests that the four of them search together.


The friends find BLUEBIRD trying to perform a magic spell on OAKLEY, who wants to be able to hide and join in with his friends in their game.  When BLUEBIRD’S magic doesn’t work, Rosie decides to help OAKLEY hide.


ROSIE and RAGGLES make a wonderful mask to disguise OAKLEY’S face, but as OAKLEY is the only tree on the hill, it’s not exactly a success!  Next the friends use a rope to try and tow OAKLEY off the hill to the playground, but he won’t budge, he’s just too big!


Later that day, when ROSIE and RAGGLES are pegging out the washing, Raggles gets caught in a bed sheet.  This gives Rosie a brilliant idea of how they can HIDE AN OAK TREE!


Everyone helps to drape the bed sheets over OAKLEY, and when the friends eventually run down the hill and look back… to their amazement OAKLEY has vanished!  Suddenly WILL pops out from behind the bush he’s been hiding in and can’t believe his friends are better at hiding that he is.

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