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AHOY THERE! Everyone's excited when Will suggests a game of pirates but the friends can’t agree who will be the Pirate Captain. Saffie suggests a treasure hunt and soon everyone is competing to solve the clues on the map and earn the right to be Captain.

ROSIE and RAGGLES are playing a game of pirates.  WILL thinks he should be pirate captain and BLUEBIRD can be his parrot!  BLUEBIRD doesn’t want to be a parrot, she wants to be the pirate captain as well, as does RAGGLES.  SAFFIE suggests they have a treasure hunt and whoever finds the treasure should be pirate captain!


ROSIE volunteers to lay out the clues and SAFFIE produces a beautiful wooden chest from her branches. As everyone stampedes off, HOLLY trails after them with her pirate bag.  WILL is running so fast his pirate hat comes flying off.  Holly pauses to pick it up and puts it in her bag.  BLUEBIRD find the next clue, but takes her eye patch off to see it properly.  HOLLY picks up the eye patch and puts it safely in her bag.  RAGGLES finds the third clue but his sword slips off as he bends down.  HOLLY sees the sword and picks it up.


When all the clues have been collected, WILL spots a treasure map on the back… leading back to the playground.  Meanwhile, the treasure chest accidentally falls into the stream with a splash!   Luckily, ROSIE and BIG BEAR rescue it using his fishing net.


The friends all agree HOLLY should be pirate captain as she collected all the items they dropped during the treasure hunt.  They open the chest to reveal face paints and Captain Holly uses the paints to decorate her pirate crew!