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It's a snowy day in the garden and the friends set out on an expedition to discover the East Pole, but when a blizzard hits and their tent is blown away they must work together to keep safe, just like real polar explorers.

It’s been snowing in the garden and OAKLEY tells everyone about polar explorers – intrepid people who wanted to be the first to find the North or South Pole.  WILL and ROSIE want to see if they can find the EAST pole!  HOLLY and RAGGLES want to go on an expedition too!


WILL and ROSIE set off with a hand-decorated pole to place in the ground. RAGGLES, HOLLY and ARCHIE also set off with ARCHIE navigating using his compass.  Much later, ARCHIE proudly declares they are the first ones to reach the East Pole!


WILL and ROSIE discover the pole left by RAGGLES, HOLLY and ARCHIE but are puzzled when they see footprints on the ground.  ARCHIE admits this might not actually be the real East Pole and ROSIE is disappointed.  Suddenly a blizzard begins.  They try to put Rosie’s tent up but it blows away.  Stuck in the snow, ROSIE says a REAL polar explorer would build an igloo!  So, everyone helps and they all squeeze inside where it’s lovely and cosy.


When the blizzard has passed, they find both decorated tent poles sticking out of the snow.  WILL says it might not be the East Pole but they look like a football goal so RAGGLES gets a football out of his rucksack and they all have a game in the snow!