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It's a windy day in the garden and Big Bear discovers his favourite plum tree has blown down. With Rosie's help, everyone finds a way to recycle every part of the tree and there are even enough plums left to make a delicious cake for tea.

It’s a windy day in the garden and outside the Playhouse, ROSIE and RAGGLES are trying to
hang out some washing but it keeps blowing away! At the Playground, a gust of wind blows
the fountain water all over HOLLY, soaking her. WILL is trying to fly his kite but it keeps
pulling away. He manages to hold onto a rock to stop himself being dragged along, but the
kite string snaps and the kite flies off.

At his Den, BIG BEAR takes a plum cake outside and puts it on the window ledge to cool, but
the wind blows it away. Matt and Nat beaver discover the wind has blown away some of the
twigs in their dam and that water is leaking out. They try to plug the gaps with pebbles and
bits of bark.

Everyone is sad when BIG BEAR tells them the old Plum tree has blown down! ROSIE
suggests recycle the tree and use it for something good. BIG BEAR collects the last crop of
plums to make a cake; Matt and Nat can use the twigs to mend their dam; WILL and
RAGGLES use the wood to mend Oakley’s fence.

Later at the orchard, ROSIE and RAGGLES each dig a little hole and plant their plum stones.
Now two new trees will grow where the old one fell and next year, there will be twice as
many plums to eat!