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Its night time and no one can get to sleep. There's a deep rumbling noise coming from outside, making them all a little scared! ROSIE decides to investigate, and, with her friends, she sets out in search of the strange noise…

ROSIE, RAGGLES, WILL and HOLLY are enjoying a sleep over at the Playhouse when the clock on the wall tells them it’s time for milk!  ROSIE says the plants will be thirsty too and gets the hose out to water them. 


Later, when everyone is snuggled up in bed and just about to fall asleep, they hear a strange gurgling noise outside.  What could it be?  BIG BEAR and BLUEBIRD have heard the noise too and are outside investigating.


ROSIE is sure there must be a simple explanation and is determined to get to the bottom of it.  She thinks it might be a thunderstorm, but when they look out of the windows there are no rainclouds.  Outside, the ground starts gurgling and rumbling beneath their feet!


WILL insists on looking in the play area and is convinced the carousel has been making the funny noises.  The rumbles and gurgles start again and it’s even louder!  They follow the gurgles up to Oakley’s hill.  A sleepy OAKLEY wonders what they’re all doing on his hill in the middle of the night?  They explain that a loud noise is keeping them all awake and they’re trying to find out where it’s coming from.  Suddenly the rumbles start again and they realise it’s coming from beneath OAKELY.   ROSIE declares that OAKLEY must be thirsty and the friends unroll the hose from the playhouse, and take it in turns to give OAKLEY a nice long drink!


Now that they’re all fed and watered there shouldn’t be any more noises to keep them awake… apart from OAKLEY’S snoring!