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Rosie and Raggles challenge Will and Holly to a tennis match but the ball is sent flying high into the air out of sight. When the ball lands inside Bluebird’s nest, Oakley convinces her it's an egg - so Bluebird reluctantly sits on it, waiting for it to hatch!

Rosie and Raggles are playing tennis with Will and Holly.  Will is about to win when Raggles takes a super serve.  They all gasp as the ball flies high up into the air and then disappears!


Nearby on Oakley’s hill, Bluebird is cleaning her nest when she hears an almighty plop... The Acorns jump up and down with excitement as they see something land and shout “Egg… Egg!”  Bluebird can’t believe it… they’re right!  There’s an egg in her nest.


Back at the Showground, frustrated Will wants the ball back – they have to finish the game because he’s about to win!  They all rush off to find it.  Meanwhile, Oakley explains to Bluebird that she must sit on the egg and he’ll make sure everyone gets her what she needs.  Bluebird likes the sound of that!


After no luck finding the ball, Will has a brainwave… he produces an orange from the picnic basket and suggests they finish the tennis match with that.  Raggles serves and up into the air it goes again… out of sight!  The orange flies into Oakley’s branches and lands in Bluebird’s nest, knocking the egg out.  There are gasps all round and a shriek from Bluebird as Rosie catches the falling, bouncing egg but exclaims… it’s not an egg!  It’s the tennis ball they lost earlier!  Luckily Bluebird sees the funny side and admits it was very boring sitting in her nest all day.