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Rosie and her friends Raggles the blue rabbit, Will, Holly, Big Bear and Oakley the wise oak tree will bring fun and laughter into every home as they set out to answer everyday questions and have lots of fun along the way.


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Everything's Rosie Bubble burst game



Заходи и играй! Хвостику нужна помощь, чтобы лопать пузырики и фигурки в суперзабавной игре для малышей.

Подставьте и лопните 3 и более пузырька одного цвета. 5 захватывающих уровней, дети узнают ЦВЕТА И НАЗВАНИЯ ФРУКТОВ в игре!


Everything’s Rosie is a top-rated show for girls and boys that has been bringing joy into the lives of children in over 170 countries worldwide and has aired on CBeebies since 2010.


2020 is a big year for Rosie – it’s our 10th ANNIVERSARY and marks 10 years of wonderful adventures with Rosie and her group of lovable friends.

With strong storylines and colourful visuals Everything’s Rosie continues to delight new generations of children - we also have one of the catchiest theme tunes around!

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