Episode 3 - Let's All Go To The Fluffy Bug Ball

Raggles is in his hammock nursing a cold, but tonight it's the Fluffy Bug Ball where everyone dresses up to witness the annual display of colour and light by the Fluffy Bugs. It's unmissable... unless you are ill in your hammock! Raggles is determined to see the Fluffy Bugs and tries to convince Rosie that he feels better. Holly arrives to look after Raggles and it doesn't take him long to convince Holly that they should collect the sticky buds for the Fluffy Bug Ball... Saffie is also disappointed because the fluffy Bugs only display at the Showground - and she's too far away to see it! Back at the Playhouse, Raggles moans it's not fair he and Saffie can't see the Fluffy Bugs... If only they could fly over the garden! This gives Rosie a brilliant idea... Using the sticky buds as a lure, Rosie and the others dance in their costumes in a procession, leading the Fluffy Bugs around the garden, past the playhouse where Raggles watches and past Saffie, before they finally light up the sky!

  • Series 2 - Episode 3

  • Runtime: 10 Mins


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