Episode 26 - Battle of The Ragglebots

After sticking boxes together, Raggles decides he'd like a proper robot or better still - a Ragglebot! Will says he'll make the best robot ever and Holly decides to help. But while Will deals with the mechanics, Holly just wants to make sure it looks pretty and poor Raggles is stuck in the middle as they both try to prove whose idea is best! Will and Holly decide they'll each make their own Ragglebot. They soon realise that they each need the other one's skill and equipment to make them work but neither will give in. Instead, Holly turns to Big Bear for help, while Will starts listening to Bluebird's advice, resulting in a series of comically disastrous Ragglebot test runs. When it's time for the unveiling, the Ragglebots start off well but quickly go wrong. Raggles thinks both robots are very funny but Will and Holly feel they've failed. Raggles does a robot dance to cheer everyone up and Rosie has an idea. With her help, Will and Holly create the best remote control robot ever - it looks human and bears an uncanny resemblance to a giggling Holly. (It is Holly!) Raggles thinks it's the best Ragglebot ever... A giggling robot Holly suggests Raggles calls it a Hollybot instead.

  • Series 2 - Episode 26

  • Runtime: 10 Mins


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