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Episode 25 - The Great Outdoors

Rosie chats to Oakley about the night sky. The stars... and best of all, the moon! It's amazing to spend every night beneath them. Doesn't he get lonely out here at night? He chuckles. No, because night creatures keep him company. Rosie's imagination is fired. She wants to sleep beneath the stars with all her friends! They'll go camping! Will teases Raggles - he'll want to go back to his hammock when it's dark. Rosie and the others set up two tents at the Showground - boys in one, girls in the other. The boys can't get to sleep and Bluebird's raucous lullabies aren't helping! Rosie despairs as everyone squabbles. Holly and Rosie go to Oakley for advice on sleeping outdoors but he's concerned that his night-time visitors, the dormice, haven't turned up. Back at the tent, Will's trying to spook Raggles with silly noises but when there's a scratching inside the tent, Will's the one who runs out scared! Brave Raggles discovers it's just Mr Mordy the dormouse and his family. The tent blocks the entrance to their home! Holly's thrilled - Oakley won't be lonely any more and Rosie says she knows how they can make more room... They combine both tents around Oakley's trunk, like an awning, so he gets to sleep "inside" with all his friends.

  • Series 2 - Episode 25

  • Runtime: 10 Mins