Episode 24 - Racetrack Rosie

It's the day of Rosie's Rally Challenge! Raggles wants to take the Twooter but Rosie isn't sure he's ready for racing on it yet. Raggles is dismayed, but Will lends him his old skateboard. Big Bear's dug out his dune-buggy, Holly's trying roller skates, Will's overtaking everyone in the Go-Speeder, even the Little Acorns are darting around Oakley in their mini-dodgems. The traffic's going at such a pace as they practise for the challenge, Holly's teddy takes a bump! Rosie decides it's time for everyone to think about road safety, before someone gets hurt. Holly and Big Bear make (picture) warning signs, but the pair grow over-zealous as they put up more and more signs, which themselves cause more confusion and near-misses! Even Rosie steps out onto a path without looking and a Little Acorn has to slam on his brakes. No one's hurt, but Rosie feels dreadful - it was all her fault! Raggles leads Rosie and her friends around the garden on foot, reminding them to always be alert when there's traffic about. Finally, it's time for Rosie's Rally Challenge. Rosie says Raggles has learnt so much about safety, he can race on the Twooter - Rosie will try the old skateboard and after a very close race, Raggles is the winner!

  • Series 2 - Episode 24

  • Runtime: 10 Mins


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