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Episode 23 - Will and The Dragon

When Will sees a picture of a dragon in Rosie's storybook, he dresses up as "Prince Will" and makes his Go-Speeder look like a horse. Now he just needs a dragon to fight and, Raggles takes up the challenge! Determined to turn himself into a ferocious dragon, he takes growling lessons from Big Bear. When Bluebird hears terrible cries coming from the maze, Prince Will thinks there's a real dragon to fight... Will and Rosie rush to the maze and attempt to rescue Raggles only to realise that there is no dragon, just Raggles trapped inside his hand-made costume. Raggles is disappointed; he is the worst dragon ever! Rosie reminds him that the day is not yet over and tells Will to come to the showground later. Will is faced with a dragon bigger than even he had ever imagined... A giant, Chinese-style dragon with everyone inside!

  • Series 2 - Episode 23

  • Runtime: 10 Mins