Episode 20 - Welcome to the Hotel Oakley

It's a hot day and everyone has been sheltering in Oakley's shade. Oakley chuckles - he could be a hotel for small creatures and Bluebird could be the Hotel Manager! Big Bear and Will rig up some ladders and nests and soon Hotel Oakley is in business - with Raggles as the doorman, Rosie as the waitress, Will as the bell boy, Holly as the housekeeper and Big Bear as the chef. However satisfying everyone is a tough job and Rosie and her friends are soon tied up in knots! Rosie decides the best way to make their guests comfortable is to make them feel like the Hotel is home from home and give them a little present. The animals are delighted with their gifts and grateful for the way they've been looked after. However, they are all tired out and realise they would prefer to be at home in their own beds. Oakley's delighted they've all had fun but understands there is no place quite like home.

  • Series 2 - Episode 20

  • Runtime: 10 Mins


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