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Episode 2 - Never Play Tennis with an Egg

Rosie and Raggles are playing tennis with Will and Holly... It's great fun, but when Will and Holly are about to win, Raggles delivers a super serve that sends the ball flying high into the air out of sight. Little do they realise that the tennis ball has landed inside Bluebird's nest! Oakley convinces Bluebird that it's an egg - so she reluctantly sits on it. Word quickly spreads and soon Bluebird is being pampered for all she's worth! Meanwhile, the tennis match is resumed using an orange instead of the missing ball and everyone goes off to watch the game, leaving a bored Bluebird on her egg. Raggles performs his wonder serve again, sending the orange back into Oakley's branches... It knocks Bluebird out of her nest and her egg falls to the ground, caught by Rosie who discovers that it's the missing tennis ball! Thankfully Bluebird sees the funny side...

  • Series 2 - Episode 2

  • Runtime: 10 Mins