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Episode 18 - Reaching For The Moon

Rosie and Raggles love looking at the moon and the stars but Raggles wants to go one better - to visit the moon! Rosie explains it's not that simple but Raggles won't be dissuaded. A puzzled Big Bear tries to help Raggles in an unsuccessful effort to launch into space from the trampoline, and an enthusiastic Bluebird attempts to fly to the moon herself and returns with fanciful tales. Finally, a dubious Will is roped into creating the perfect rocket. Unfortunately, the launch is a disaster with the rocket sliding down Oakley's Hill instead of shooting into the sky. An upset Raggles admits Rosie was right - he'll never visit the moon. Rosie feels bad however Saffie's wise words get her thinking. If Raggles can't get to the moon, maybe the moon can come to Raggles...

  • Series 2 - Episode 18

  • Runtime: 10 Mins