Episode 16 - The Little Girl Who Wanted To Be a Tree

After hearing about Oakley's life as a young sapling, Holly decides she wants to be a tree too... She wants to feel the wind in her leaves and look down on the world from the top of a hill just like Oakley! Soon Holly is standing in her very own tree costume, complete with nest and dangly leaves. However as she watches everyone playing down below she yearns to be down there too... When Holly does come down from the hill she discovers everything has changed. She has inspired everyone to be someone else - Raggles is Big Bear...Will is Rosie... and Rosie is Will... It's chaos, so Holly goes to see Saffie. She tells Holly that being yourself is the best way to be. She wouldn't swap being a Cedar for all the riches in the world. So Holly returns to Oakley's Hill as Holly... She feels the breeze in her hair and watches her friends as they too realise that being themselves really is the best way to be!

  • Series 2 - Episode 16

  • Runtime: 10 Mins


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