Episode 14 - Bluebird and The Tootleplinks

To mark the anniversary of the day she was planted in the garden Saffie invites her friends to help her play 'music on the wind'. Rosie sings, Saffie has her wind chimes, Raggles his whistle and Holly her recorder. Big Bear plays the spoons and Will plays an array of percussion. But Bluebird has a problem with her kazoo so Saffie gives her some panpipes which she can't seem to get the hang of. When the Acorns laugh at the sounds they make she thinks they are laughing at her and decides to leave the band. Somehow Rosie must persuade her back and restore harmony for Saffie's big day. But nothing works until, on the day itself, the wind drops and Saffie can't play her chimes...

  • Series 2 - Episode 14

  • Runtime: 10 Mins


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