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Episode 10 - The Time Travelling Tree

Will's making a time capsule and Oakley invites Will to bury the box among his roots. Everyone's excited and rushes round gathering up their favourite things, until there's no room left for them all. Oakley wishes he could put something in too but doesn't know what - a leaf would shrivel and a twig isn't special enough. Eventually, the time comes to bury the capsule... Big Bear digs... But what's this? There's a very, very old box in the same spot. In the bottom of the old box is a piece of paper but a gust of wind whisks it away... After a big chase, Bluebird finds a very, very old photograph... of a sapling which turns out to be Oakley! Oakley looks at it in wonder - he'd forgotten all about that. Rosie runs for her camera and takes a photo of Oakley "all grown up" - with all his friends around him. Oakley's delighted - he can put something in the capsule after all - and they bury the old and new capsules together.

  • Series 2 - Episode 10

  • Runtime: 10 Mins