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Episode 1 - How To Give Away Your Toys and Keep Them

Raggles has got too many toys to fit in his hammock, so Rosie suggests he gives some away. Raggles gets so carried away that he even gives Bluebird his favourite Penny Whistle! He soon regrets this, but when he asks for it back, Bluebird refuses, giving Raggles her old Kazoo instead... Raggles gets even more upset when he sees everyone swapping the toys he gave to them - he wishes he could have his toys back! Saffie tells Rosie she has so many treasures herself she has to let them free into the world which gives Rosie an idea... Taking a bejewelled box from one of Saffie's low branches, Rosie collects up the toys Raggles gave away with some extras from everyone and presents it to Raggles as a play box that they can all share, whenever they want. As for the Penny Whistle, when Bluebird hears Raggles play her Kazoo, she can't wait to swap it back and they perform a wonderful duet together.

  • Series 2 - Episode 1

  • Runtime: 10 Mins