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Have fun when you play the new Everything’s Rosie Games App

Solve your favourite character Jigsaw Puzzles, dress up Big Bear in fun clothes and help Raggles catch falling snow flakes in this exciting new Rosie Games App for your little ones to enjoy.


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- 3 Everything’s Rosie games included!
- Choose from 6 character Jigsaw Puzzles:

Rosie, Raggles, Holly, Big Bear, Will and Archie
- 3 Difficulty Levels (6, 9 or 12 pieces) for your pre-schooler
- Fun-filled Dressing up Game
- Catch falling snowflakes in our Raggles Catch game
- All your favourite Everything’s Rosie characters
- Advert free

- No in-app purchases or additional downloads required


Free Toddler & Children Puzzles

Jigsaw puzzles with your favourite Everything’s Rosie friends. Your child can select the level of difficulty (6, 9 or 12 pieces) and then easily select their favourite Everything’s Rosie character as a fun puzzle to solve. Solve the puzzle, with the encouragement of all the friends and get to see your winning screen.

Once your little one has solved the puzzle they can continue the fun with another character or try a different game.  Choose from Rosie, Raggles, Holly, Big Bear, Will or Archie.



Free Toddler & Children Game App DRESS UP BIG BEAR


Big Bear has so many clothes in his dressing up box but can’t decide what to wear. Touch the box to open it and choose how you’d like to dress him. He loves to try on funny hats, silly jumpers, shoes and other accessories and clothes, but he can not decide what to wear. Your preschooler will enjoy this free form game finding all the fun ways to dress up Big Bear.



Free Toddler & Children Game App RAGGLES CATCH

Rosie’s best friend Raggles is hard at work catching snowflakes. Help him move left and right with your finger as you line up your basket with the colourful falling snowflakes. Your child will love helping cheeky Raggles who is a bundle of energy and fun.