Will | Everything's Rosie Characters


The Daredevil
  • Best friend... HOLLY
  • Favourite food... Pizza
  • Favourite games... Football
  • LIKES... Science Experiments, Space Hippo and racing around in his Go-Speeder!
  • Looking forward to... Playing Football
  • DOESN'T LIKE...anything girly (especially FAIRY COSTUMES)

Will is confident, daring and competitive!  He lives for the moment and occasionally acts before he thinks. 

Will’s pride and joy is his Go-Speeder and he spends hours in his Workshop customising it for his next big adventure. 

He loves football and is very good at inventing things!  Will lives with Holly in a contemporary house set into the hillside.  Although they are very different, they compliment each other and are the best of friends.

The Studio

Will and Holly’s studio is built into the hillside beneath a dip where Saffie sits. 

It’s glass walls, sun tubes and lush plants give it a clean, light and organic appearance.  

On one side of the main entrance is Will’s Workshop where he tinkers with his Go-Speeder and invents weird and wonderful things. 

The central living area and kitchen is a communal area where all of their friends can relax and play.  


Will loves racing round the garden in his Go-Speeder and is always trying to break his current speed record!

Will likes nothing more than taking his favourite toy, Space Hippo, for a ride and pretending they’re on a special SPACE MISSION to catch ALIENS!

Will always remembers to wear a helmet as safety is very important (especially when you’re travelling at LIGHT SPEED!)

  • Bright Red with shiny chrome bumpers
  • 4 seats
  • 4 wheels
  • Fastest in the garden
Raggles the Reporter | Story book

Will’s favourite bedtime story is RAGGLES THE REPORTER

Download your copy


Raggles wants to write his own newspaper and decides to become a reporter for the day.  But things don’t go quite to plan and his friends get upset when they read his stories!  Can Rosie help Raggles to make an exciting newspaper that will make his friends smile?

Learn the words to the EVERYTHING'S ROSIE THEME SONG and sing along with Rosie, Raggles and all their friends. 


All sing along 

All sing along 

We can laugh and play, it's fun all day 

When we all sing our song  

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s fun when your friends are around  

Raggles and Bluebird 

Big Bear and Oakley 

Everything is Rosie now