Suzi | Everything's Rosie Characters


A sassy squirrel!
  • Best friend... MOLLY MOLE
  • Favourite food... Nuts and berries
  • Favourite game... Skipping
  • LIKES... climbing trees
  • Looking forward to... having a picnic with Rosie and Raggles
  • DOESN'T LIKE... Mushrooms

Suzi is very friendly but is sometimes shy when she meets friends for the first time.

She is a red squirrel with big brown eyes and a large fluffy tail which helps her to balance.

She can be a little forgetful and sometimes can't remember where she has buried her nuts!

Suzi's Home

Suzi prefers to live in the various trees in the garden although squirrels do sometimes build underground tunnels to live in.

Her large eyes help her to skillfully climb trees where she builds nests in the branches or lives in holes in the trunk

Suzi will scamper to the ground to look for nuts and seeds.

She is very good at burying her food but sometimes needs a little help from her friends to find it again!

Big Bear's Special Invitation | Story book

Suzi's favourite bedtime story is THE SPECIAL INVITATION 

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Big Bear has received a special invitation to have tea with the Queen, but he's worried his manners aren't up to scratch.  Can Rosie and Raggles get him ready in time?  And is his invitation really all it seems?

Another tale from this award winning series, where 10 minutes is all you need to read with your child.

Suzi' favourite song is when Raggles starts playing a lullaby on his penny whistle