Oakley, Everything's Rosie Character


The Wise Old Oak
  • Best friend... SAFFIE
  • Favourite food... Water (for his roots)
  • Favourite game... Memory Game
  • LIKES... thunderstorms and listening to Holly’s poetry
  • Looking forward to... the Little Acorns Birthday Party
  • DOESN'T LIKE...it when the Little Acorns keep him awake!

Oakley the ancient Oak tree is a grandfather figure to Rosie and all her friends. 

Kind, caring and knowledgeable, Oakley is a constant companion and a reliable source of information.  From his high vantage point on the hill, Oakley is able to watch over and share all the goings on in the garden and his booming laugh can often be heard from far away. 

Oakley looks after the three noisy Little Acorns whose boundless energy keep him young, even though they sometimes keep him awake at night with their chattering and giggling.

Oakley's Hill, Everything's Rosie - Kids Playing Cartoon

Behind Rosie’s house sits Oakley’s Hill, a beautiful grassy spot where the friends often play or meet for a picnic.

A winding path leads to the top of the hill where you will find Oakley, sitting in his wonderful vantage point overlooking the garden.

Oakley the Jogger, Everything's Rosie - Kids Playing Cartoon

Oakley always dreams of travelling around the garden to see his friend Saffie, but unfortunately he can't as he's rooted to Oakley's Hill.

He does, however, like a spot of jogging (with Will's help) and is always on hand to oversee everything that goes on in the garden, and to give advice when it is needed.

Things That Go Glug In the Night, Story book

Oakley’s favourite bedtime story is THINGS THAT GO GLUG IN THE NIGHT

Download your copy, or buy the book here.


It’s night time and no one can get to sleep… There’s a deep rumbling noise coming from outside. Whatever it is, it’s keeping everyone awake and making them all a little scared! Rosie and Raggles decide to set off with their friends to find out where the funny noise is coming from. Perhaps Oakley has the answer…?

Oakley's favourite song is when Raggles starts playing his lullaby on his penny whistle!

It's the only way to calm the Acorns down and means Oakley can finally get a good night's sleep...