The Mordys | Everything's Rosie Characters

The Mordys

Loveable dormice!
  • Best friend...ARCHIE
  • Favourite food... Cheese and Carrots
  • Favourite game... Hide and Squeak
  • LIKE... barn dancing
  • Looking forward to... sailing their boat on the stream
  • DON'T LIKE... it when Mrs Mordy's hat goes missing!

The Mordys are a family of loveable dormice from the Welsh Valleys.

Mr Mordy just wants a quiet life however, no matter where he sets up home, he never seems to get it right!

Mrs Mordy is softly spoken with a heart of gold and a love of big hats.

The Mordy's Home

The Mordys live under a bush, close to Oakley's Hill.

They are very clever at making things out of fruit and vegetables and are proud of the carrot sofa they made out of Big Bear's spoiled harvest.

The Mordy's Boat

The Mordys are too small to drive themselves around the garden, but it it's been raining they sometimes grab a lift on Raggles' remote control boat!

When the garden flooded, Mr Mordy set out to rescue Mrs Mordy using Raggles' boat.

Mrs Mordy, however, found her own way to travel on water - in Holly's upside-down umbrella.

Raggles the Reporter | Story book

The Mordy's favourite bedtime story is RAGGLES THE REPORTER

Download your copy

Raggles wants to write his own newspaper and decides to become a reporter for the day.  But things don’t go quite to plan and his friends get upset when they read his stories!  Can Rosie help Raggles to make an exciting newspaper that will make his friends smile?

Learn the words to the EVERTYTHING'S ROSIE THEME SONG and sing along with Rosie, Raggles and all their friends.


All sing along 

All sing along 

We can laugh and play It’s fun all day 

When we all sing our song  

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s fun when your friends are around  

Raggles and Bluebird 

Big Bear and Oakley 

Everything is Rosie now