The Dartys | Everything's Rosie Characters

The Dartys

Very special lizards!
  • Best friend... ARCHIE
  • Favourite food... Chocolate Cake
  • Favourite game... Matching Pairs
  • LIKE... racing each other around the garden
  • Looking forward to... playing their next trick on Archie!
  • DON'T when Bluebird plays her kazoo too loudly

Mr and Mrs Darty are tropical geckos from South East Asia.

They are well spoken and have very high standards.

Geckos are nocturnal, meaning they are mostly active at night time.

Although they like to spend most of their time on the ground, they are also very good climbers and have special foot pads for gripping smooth surfaces!

The Dartys Home

Mr and Mrs Darty live behind the large rock near Big Bear's vegetable patch, where they like nothing more than basking in the sunshine.

They come from a tropical climate so like it best when the weather is HOT, HOT, HOT!

Each morning they are woken up by the Purple Beetles chirruping.

The Train

The Dartys are swift and speedy and can often be found running around the garden, however when Raggles has his train out they can't resist jumping on board for a ride!


All Aboard the Raggles Express!

Things That Go Glug In the Night | Story book

Mr and Mrs Darty's favourite bedtime story is THINGS THAT GO GLUG IN THE NIGHT


Download your copy, or buy the book here.


It’s night time and no one can get to sleep… There’s a deep rumbling noise coming from outside. Whatever it is, it’s keeping everyone awake and making them all a little scared! Rosie and Raggles decide to set off with their friends to find out where the funny noise is coming from. Perhaps Oakley has the answer…?

Learn the words to the EVERTYTHING'S ROSIE THEME SONG and sing along with Rosie, Raggles and all their friends


All sing along 

All sing along 

We can laugh and play It’s fun all day 

When we all sing our song  

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s fun when your friends are around  

Raggles and Bluebird 

Big Bear and Oakley 

Everything is Rosie now