Bluebird, Everything's Rosie Character


The Chatterbox!
  • Best friend... MANNY
  • Favourite food... Wobbly Jelly and Olives
  • Favourite game... Dressing Up
  • LIKES... playing her Kazzoo and performing magic
  • Looking forward to... finding new shiny things for her nest
  • DOESN'T LIKE... it when the noisy Little Acorns keep her awake!

Bluebird is a natural born show off and she never fails to make a grand entrance! 

She thinks she can do magic and is keen to demonstrate her spells at every opportunity (of course they never work but no-one has the heart to tell her!) 

Bluebird’s friends love her for her spirit, imagination and great sense of humour.  They know she would do anything for them and that she is always a loyal (if sometimes annoying) friend.

Bluebird's Nest

Bluebird lives high up in Oakley's branches.  Her nest is made of the softest and most comfortable leaves in the garden.

It's where she keeps her most precious belongings including her favourite ribbons and collection of shiny things.

She can often be found enjoying a relaxing nap in her nest... when the Little Acorns aren't keeping her awake!

Bluebird's Bird Board

Although Bluebird is much more at home when she's flying high in the sky, she can sometimes be found whizzing around the garden on her Bird Board.

Will invented it specially for Bluebird to help her get around after she had a little crash landing.

  • 4 Blue Wheels
  • Steered Levers
  • Bright Yellow and Pink
  • Slowest in the Garden
Rosie's Swap Shop | Story book

Bluebird’s favourite bedtime story is ROSIE’S SWAP SHOP  

Download your copy, or buy the book here.


The Playhouse is in a mess but Raggles doesn't want to tidy up, he wants to play shops!  Rosie has an idea how they can do both at the same time and she sets up a swap shop outside, swapping chores for treats.  Will decides he wants to set up a swap shop too but quickly learns that it's better to work together as a team!

Learn the words to the EVERTYTHING'S ROSIE THEME SONG and sing along with Rosie, Raggles and all their friends


All sing along 

All sing along 

We can laugh and play It’s fun all day 

When we all sing our song  

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s Rosie 

Everything’s fun when your friends are around  

Raggles and Bluebird 

Big Bear and Oakley 

Everything is Rosie now