Acorns | Everything's Rosie Characters


The mischievous trio!
  • Best friend... OAKLEY
  • Favourite food... Doughnuts
  • Favourite game... Musical Chairs
  • LIKE... bouncing around the garden
  • Looking forward to... the next Movie Night in the garden
  • DON'T LIKE... it when Bluebird shoos them out of her nest!

A high-pitched giggling trio (two brothers and a sister) the Three Acorns live on one of Oakley's branches.

They love chattering and hopping from branch to branch and hiding between the Oak leaves.

Although they are a loveable bunch, their constant whisperings and witterings can be slightly annoying, especially to Bluebird when she is trying to get to sleep in her nest.

They have a range of funny catchphrases including "We like doughnuts!", "Quick Sticks!" and "Wobbly Jelly!"

Oakley's Branches

The Little Acorns live in Oakley's branches.  

They bounce from branch to branch, getting up to mischief and sometimes keep Oakley awake with their funny chatterings.

When Bluebird is away from her nest, they have been known to leap in and snuggle down for a little sleep!

Dodgem Cars

Although they are normally found on Oakley's Hill, the acorns sometimes go on adventures around the garden in their tiny Dodgem Cars.


  • 4 wheels each
  • 1 Dodgem each
  • Smallest in the garden
How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles | Story book

The Acorns’ favourite bedtime story is HOW ROSIE MISLAID HER RAGGLES

Download your copy, or buy the book here.

Raggles has a large bowl of strawberries and wants to play a game of 'Hide and Eat'. He dashes off to the Maze while Rosie starts counting, however she is distracted when Will wants to break his speed record in the Go Speeder and Big Bear loses his toffee apple. It's only when Rosie is helping Holly with her picture that she realises she has forgotten all about Raggles. How will she find him and will he forgive her?

The Little Acorns are always up to mischief and chattering away, which keeps Oakley up all night!

But as soon as Raggles starts playing a lullaby on his favourite penny whistle, the acorns fall silent and sway in time to the music.