Bubble Burst Everythings Rosie Educational Game

Bubble Burst

Raggle's Bubble Burst is the ulitmate bubble popping game for children and adults alike. This puzzle adventure will take children through 5 levels. Each level features a different background and a different shape to POP! It is an exciting and educational game which teaches children different colours and also helps develop hand eye co-ordination.

Everythings Rosie Memory Learning Game

Memory Game

Rosie's Memory Game will help improve concentration and short term memory by asking the player to remember the sequence of characters that light up and then repeat them. A fun and challenging game which changes every time you play. Aimed at toddlers and pre-schoolers but suitable for adults too! How many levels can you get past!?

Matching Pairs Everythings Rosie Educational Game

Matching Pairs

Find your favourite characters by turning over cards and matching the pairs. There are 3 levels of difficulty: Easy, Medium and Hard. Clear the board by pairing the cards in as few moves as possible! The cards change every time you play so no two rounds will ever be the same. Toddlers and preschoolers will love this simple and easy to play game which tests their memory skills!

Join the Dots Everythings Rosie Learning Game

Join the Dots

Connect all the dots of your favourite character in this classic join the dots game for toddlers and pre-schoolers. You can choose to join either numbers or letters to reveal the image and there are three levels to choose from: Easy, Medium and Hard! With 8 different characters to reveal and a bonus balloon popping round at the end of each level, this can provide hours of fun for kids!