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Get creative with our free online activities inspired by Everything’s Rosie! We have a range of activities to keep you busy throughout the holidays and more. Our toddler activities online are perfect for having fun and learning at the same time. For example, learn to cook with Rosie and friends with her super easy recipes for kids or join the dots with Rosie and her friends in our games area.

Do you love making things? Make your very own Raggle’s ears with our free online activities. Everything’s Rosie has exciting arts and crafts for children of all ages. Whether you love sticking, colouring or cooking – we have something for you to do. Or why not make some mini-beast binoculars and see if you can spot any little creatures in your garden! Our selection of Toddler Activities Online are straight-forward and easy do to, just follow our simple instructions and templates provided to have some creative fun!

Print out your very own door hangers of your favourite characters, whether you are a Rosie, Raggles or Big Bear fan – you can find Rosie and all her friends on our printable door hanger page. Brighten up your computer or tablet with your favourite Everything’s Rosie friend! These cool desktop wallpaper backgrounds are sure to brighten up your computer!

Practice your spelling and handwriting with our fun activity page – writing with Rosie! Rosie is great at helping you to perfect your literacy skills. If you want to do some fun maths check out our count with Rosie sheet to practicing your important counting skills. Our selection of Toddler Activities Online will keep you busy for ages – just have a look around!

If you don’t feel like getting creative today, that’s okay! Why not take a break from our free online activities and checkout our Everything’s Rosie episodes and videos area to see what everyone is up to in Rosie’s World. See if you have anything in common with your favourite characters – Is your favourite food the same as Holly’s? Is hide and seek your favourite game like Oakley’s? Get discovering today!

Have fun making and colouring with our free Toddler Activities Online now!