SuperWill plus more Episodes

Watch this Cartoon Compilation from preschool tv show Everything's Rosie! Full of the best preschool episodes including Oakley and the Big Sneeze.

The Playhouse is rattling from the sound of an enormous sneeze. Something is getting up Oakley’s nose and every time someone attempts to climb to the top of his hill, he sneezes and blows them all the way to the bottom again. When Little Bear is carried away on a kite after one of Oakley’s giant sneezes, Rosie is determined to find out what is making Oakley sneeze.

Plus Will dreams of being a superhero in SuperWill. The trouble is no one needs his help so Will decides he will have to create a situation so he can save the day.  But when Little Bear goes missing a real hero is required…Join in the fun with some of your favourite episodes in Rosie's cartoon compilation.