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The Games App includes 3 fantastic Everything’s Rosie games where children can complete jigsaw puzzles, have fun dressing up Big Bear or catch falling snowflakes with Raggles.  Advert free and with no in-app purchases, join in the fun with characters from your favourite Kids TV Programme

Get creative with the Everything’s Rosie Drawing App. Colour in pictures of your favourite characters using the colouring pencils, pens or paints.  Over 20 pictures to choose from with no in-app purchases. You can also save your pictures to your camera roll and show your friends!

We also have FREE STUFF to download. Enjoy a story with your little ones – choose from The Abominable Snow Bear, a snowy story where Rosie and Big Bear go in search of a mysterious creature; Twinkle, Twinkle - join Holly as she goes in search of a shooting star; Mini Beast Safari - following Little Bear as he goes in search of insects around the garden; Across The Universe - Learn all about the solar system with Big Bear and The Incredible Vanishing Bees - Big Bear has lost his bees, will Raggles be able to find them?

You can sing and dance along to all your favourite songs from Everything’s Rosie Episodes on the official CD - A collection of 29 songs featuring the Washing Up Song, Sandwich Making, the Camping Song and an extended version of the Everything’s Rosie them tune.  Available to purchase or download now