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Read along with our collection of eBooks. A selection of lovely bedtime stories for your little one


Rosie’s Swap Shop

The Playhouse is in a mess but Raggles doesn't want to tidy up, he wants to play shops!  Rosie has an idea how they can do both at the same time and she sets up a swap shop outside, swapping chores for treats.  Will decides he wants to set up a swap shop too but quickly learns that it's better to work together as a team!

Things That Go Glug In The Night

It's night time and no one can get to sleep… There's a deep rumbling noise coming from outside.  Whatever it is, it's keeping everyone awake and making them all a little scared!  Rosie and Raggles decide to set off with their friends to find out where the funny noise is coming from.  Perhaps Oakley has the answer...?

The Last Snowball

When Big Bear wakes up from his long winter sleep, he's ready to play but feels sad when he hears about all the fun everyone has had in the snow without him.  Rosie thinks there might just be enough snow left for one last snowmall for Big Bear, but they'll have to be quick... it's melting FAST

Raggles the Reporter

Raggles wants to write his own newspaper and decides to become a reporter for the day.  But things don't go quite to plan and his friends get upset when they read his stories.  Can Rosie help Raggles to make an exciting newspaper that will make his friends smile?

How Rosie Mislaid Her Raggles

Raggles has a large bowl of strawberries and wants to play a game of Hide and Eat.  He dashes off to the Maze while Rosie starts counting, however she is distracted when Will wants to break his speed record in the Go Speeder and Big Bear loses his toffee apple.  It's only when Rosie is helping Holly with her picture that she realises she has forgotten all about Raggles.  How will she find him and will he forgive her?