• Thanks to https://funhandprintartblog.com for the inspiration behind this Bunny Footprint Easter craft. Her site is full of really cute hand and footprint arts and crafts ideas you can do at home with the kids. 

    Raggles Footprint Bunny
  • Part 2 includes:

    Clue cards x4

    Raggles the Bunny Rabbit Cut outs - use these to show that you are getting closer to the Eggs!!!

    Bunny Paw prints - do they lead to the clue or in the opposite direction?

    Easter Egg Hunt Banner

    Raggle's Easter Egg Hunt Kit - Part 2
  • Rosie’s Dot Flower Painting

    Rosie Dot Flower Painting
  • Download and print our free Easter Egg hunt kit for kids. Hide chocolate or plastic eggs around the house or garden (depending on the weather). Leave a clue with each egg to lead to the next. Or give each child a clue which leads to their egg!!

    Part 1 includes:

    Easter Egg Hunt Poster

    Left Arrows x2

    Right Arrows x2

    How many can you find?

    Raggle's Easter Egg Hunt Kit - Part 1