• Will's Wooden Aeroplane Craft

    Kids and Toddlers will love this easy to make craft inspired by Will from the hit CBeebies show 'Everything's Rosie'!


    Will's Wooden Aeroplane Craft
  • Rosie's Paper Plate Sun Craft for Kids


    Rosie's Paper Plate Sun Craft
  • Rosie’s Paper Tube Microphone

    Rosie’s Paper Tube Microphone
  • Rosie’s 3D Rainbow Paper Craft

    Kids of all ages will love making Rosie's beautiful but simple 3D rainbow paper craft. Download our free instructions at the bottom of this page. All of our craft instructions and downloads for kids are free. If you don't have a printer you can follow the onscreen instructions.


    Once you have cut out the rainbow you can leave the kids to it! The perfect rainy day craft activity to keep children entertained. Tag us in your photos if you try this at home for a chance to feature on the Everything's Rosie Fan Art Gallery.


    Rosie's 3D Paper Rainbow Craft

    Children will love making this cute Big Bear Finger Puppet from CBeebies popular cartoon show Everything's Rosie. With printable instructions and a template included it couldn't be any easier for toddlers and preschoolers.  Don't worry if you don't have access to a printer, children can follow the simple onscreen instructions. This free online craft activity for kids is the perfect rainy day activity.  Why not make a few Big Bears and put on a finger puppet show!! Hours of fun for the kids (and you!), limited materials and mess....Tag us in your Big Bear photos!

    Big Bear Finger Puppet Craft
  • Rosie’s
    Felt Ice Pop

    Welcome to Rosie's Crafts for Kids! Easy, online crafts and activities for toddlers and preschoolers. We try to keep the activities as simple to follow as possible so that the children can keep themselves busy with as little supervision as required. Our latest craft for the kids is this super simple but beautiful felt ice pop. Remember when it was warm and sunny for that brief moment!? Well make yourself one of Rosie's ice pops and you can be back feeling those summer vibes. If you don't have any felt in the house and don't have plans to visit the shops then you can use card or paper. Don't forget to send us your pictures of crafts to be featured on our Fan Art page!!


    Rosie's Felt Ice Pop
  • Rosie's Button Bookmarks

    Free, easy and fun craft activity for children! Perfect if you have a few spare buttons lying round?


    You Will Need:

    Painted wooden craft sticks or lollipop sticks

    Foam flowers




    Children can be as creative as they like, you could even add some stickers or googly eyes.

    Please keep an eye on younger children, especially with buttons lying round!

    Send us photos of your Rosie Button Bookmarks and we will feature them on our website fan art page!

    Rosie's Button Bookmarks
  • Make a beautiful celery rose card or poster

    With step by step instructions, this is an easy and fun craft activity for toddlers and pre-schoolers. Each step is shown with an image so you and the kids know exactly what to do and can have fun whilst creating these beautiful cards/posters. You don't need to spend a lot of money on fancy craft equipment and there shouldn't be too much mess to clean up at the end. Sounds like a winning situation!

    All you need is: Red or pink paint for the roses (or any colour you would like to use and have lying around) and green paint for the stems; a paint brush; paper plate to put the paint on; Celery - a couple of bunches if you are going to print more then one colour; an elastic band to hold the celery together and paper or card to print the roses on to. If you are feeling really creative you could even print the roses on to a canvas tote bag.

    Send us photos of your crafts for the chance to be featured on our Website and Social Media!

    Rosie's Celery Rose Card or Poster