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Fitness February - 5 Minute Challenge

5 minutes of exercise. Pffffft. What's that going to do? Well 5 minutes a day of THIS exercise is actually going to do quite a lot. Core conditioning; improve your balance; even help with posture. In the beginning, you may not even manage 5 minutes. Can you guess what it is yet? Big Bear is giving you a clue but I think he might of misunderstood the brief!


Rosie's Recipes - Spicy Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

As part of our #Fitfebchallenge we are pleased to announce the launch of Rosie's Recipes! We will post a weekly recipe which is a
healthy alternative to some of our family favourites. From Chinese and Indian takeaways to classic comfort foods, we've got it covered.
This week is a twist on one of our nation's favourites: Cottage Pie. Replace white potatoes with Sweet Potatoes and add a little bit of a kick with some chilli powder. If the little ones are joining you for dinner you may want to leave that last bit out. Add grated cheese if you want. Remember these recipes are just a guideline. Do what you've got to do to keep the family happy!

raggles is taking part in the fitfebchallenge

Fitness February: Are you up for the Challenge?

January is FINALLY over!!

Christmas is a distant memory, as are all the temptations that go hand in hand with the festive season. 

You know what I'm talking about; Cheese, chocolate, alchohol.....more Cheese.

Maybe you did Dry January or went Vegan. Maybe you did nothing of the sort and just tried to survive!

Well however you did it, you made it through the first, and possibly longest ever, month of the year.