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Online games and their role in child development

Many children like online games - the problem is that very often there is a lot of shooting and violence in these games, so they do not aid child development in any way. You should not be afraid of online games - you just need to the right games for your kid and that is where Cbeebies can help you.

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Rosie and Holly have Different Personalities

The TV show "Everything's Rosie" has a large number of characters with different personalities. For young children, an interesting story is not enough, it's very important for them to identify with the characters, to see someone whose personality and behaviour are similar to theirs. In this sense, the characters of Rosie and Holly are very different in the TV show.

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Will in Rosie's World as a Role Model

The world of the animated series Everything's Rosie is the world of friendship and fun. Each character in this world has their unique personality. Despite the female title character, Everything's Rosie was conceived as an animated series that would be equally interesting to boys and girls all over the world. In this article, we will talk about two of the main characters of the series, Rosie and Will, and analyze them as role models for children.

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