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Everything's Rosie | Social Skills are Key to Learning

Why Social Skills are key to learning!

It’s really important that your little ones develop key social skills during their childhood. Learning positive social skills are just as important as learning to read and write. These skills will enable them to be confident in anything they do and build relationships with different people. So, what can you do to encourage positive social skills?

Social skills Outside of School

Simple things like taking them to a park or local attractions where they can get talking and interacting with other children, is a great way to diversify their types of engagement.  Socialising with other kids can help build confidence, teach them the value of friendship and how to cooperate and interact in different circumstances – good and bad. This will help them later in life when it comes to job interviews, public speaking and their general portrayal of themselves.

Social Skills at School

School teaches academic skills that will carry your little one through life. Social skills are just as important! Let your kids take part in after school clubs and extra-curricular activities to help them discover fun ways to engage with each other whilst learning valuable life skills.

Get the Tech Teaching

Kids are becoming more and more technology orientated, and it can be hard to tear them away from the TV or their tablets. However, these tools can be used to aid the development of children’s social skills. Everything’s Rosie episodes are bright and engaging with a subtle educational message to ensure that children have fun while learning!  Come and watch Little Lessons or Try Something New which promote key social skills such as developing confidence and learning right from wrong.

Finally, learning Social Skills isn’t just about making friends, it’s also important to teach children about the consequences of their action, whether they be positive or negative.  Remember – EVERY ACTION HAS A REACTION!  It’s never too early to start teaching, whether that be out and about or through technology. Checkout our latest Kids Cartoons Online and get the kids developing their social skills today… 


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