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Fun Activities for Kids This Half Term

When choosing an activity to do with your children this half term, it’s really a good idea to make sure that you are engaging and stimulating their young minds. Activities that allow and encourage your kids to be naturally curious, or think creatively and outside the box will give them the joy of discovery.

Our tips and guides below will allow your children to have fun this half term, introducing them to a world of intrigue and creativity!

Science and Natural History Museum

Many modern museums, especially ones geared towards science and natural history, make sure to appeal to all ages and demographics, and may even have child specific exhibits. Seeing the wondrous remains of the dinosaur kingdom or exploring ancient civilisations through these exhibits is sure to excite and engage your little ones!

Zoos and Animal Safaris

Another activity that is a traditional favourite amongst kids, is going to see animals that they’ve only ever read about in books or seen on television. Zoos and Safaris allow your children to be observant and curious, seeing these strange animals and making sense of them for the first time will leave them entertained and enthralled!

Get creative!

If you are looking to do something at home with your kids this half term, then why not break out the paints and felt tip pens and get creative? Arts and crafts allow your children to think freely, express themselves in their creativity and have fun at the same time! From painting a portrait to creating a Papier-mâché model, there are so many options to keep your children amused and engaged! Why not check out our ‘make and do’ activities – we have loads of Everything’s Rosie activities for you children to enjoy!

Have fun with your little ones this half term with our super fun range of activities and days out. 


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