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Cooking With Children: Get the Kids in the Kitchen

Cooking is a skill which we all require, but which is often overlooked when it comes to a child’s education. Children need to learn the basics of meal preparation and nutrition, while at the same time having fun and enjoying themselves!! Your little ones need to be introduced to cooking in a fun and engaging way in order for them to truly learn about proper meal preparation and healthy eating.

Our below tips will help to get the kids in the kitchen, preparing tasty recipes, which will set them up perfectly for more tricky recipes and meals in the future, while of course having as much FUN as possible!! 


Make the time… or not

In 2017, parents lead busy lives, we barely have time to get into the kitchen and cook for ourselves, let alone getting the kids involved as well! However, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Our Selection of Easy Recipes for kids are all designed to be as easy as possible, cutting out the mess, fuss and time, and replacing this with pure fun and enjoyment!!

Our Selection of Kids recipes are oh so tasty! What’s even better is that they are super straight forward and quick to make, simply print out the recipe cards and get stuck in. Preparation time has been kept to a minimum, and mess has been cut out almost entirely. Our Kids Recipes really are the simplest and easiest you’ll find, and don’t require that much time at all - try for yourselves today!

Find Tasty Recipes

Tasty recipes can be found everywhere, whether that be in cook books, from TV shows, or what you find online. There really is no excuse when it comes to finding new simple recipes to get the kids in the kitchen. Why not adapt an old recipe you already know? Cut out any time-consuming elements by buying pre-prepared ingredients, for example pastry or sauces.

Here at Everything’s Rosie, we have a selection of easy kids recipes to get the children in the kitchen learning the basics of nutrition and food preparation, and ultimately having fun. From Pumpkin Cupcakes, to Spooky Spider Cookies and Frightful Fancies, our selection of recipes are all super simple, super fun and so very tasty. Watch this space as there are lots more Recipes to come including Crumpet Pizzas, Chocolate Train Cakes and Marshmallow Lollipops!

Don’t worry if you don’t have the right equipment

Not all recipes need special tools and flashy equipment, but for those which do, there is always an alternative. Hand whisk ingredients which require a mixer/egg beater, use a glass bottle as a rolling pin, or even replace cake tins with bits you may have around the home, for example oven-proof pans, bowls or even small tin cans.

You don’t need the latest fancy equipment to get stuck in!! In fact, our Everything’s Rosie Toddler Recipes are all designed to use as little equipment as possible, keeping mess to a minimum so you can concentrate on having fun!

Be Patient and Have Fun

Yes, it probably would be quicker for you to do it all yourself, but the life lessons your child will pick up by spending time in the kitchen with you are un-paralleled. The more time you spend in the kitchen with your child, the more experience they get, thus making the whole process considerably less challenging and more enjoyable.

Take the time to explain bits with your little one, helping them to develop a good understanding of healthy eating and food preparation. The more you cook with your Kids, the easier it will become, they will start to develop a proper understanding and will be able to experiment with their new skills.

Checkout Our Easy Toddler Recipes today to get the kids in the kitchen and have some GREAT FUN!!  


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