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7 Fun Activities To Do With Your Kids

Trying to find something inexpensive or free to do with your kids can be tricky. In this list, we have compiled 7 things that you can do with your kids. These range from Indoor and outdoor activities great for children. We understand that sometimes, it can be hard to keep kids entertained whether it be after school, weekends or holidays. So, this list will be sure to help you!

1.Fun and Educational Activities!

During the week, between household chores, work and various other bits and bobs, it can be tricky to entertain your little one. Everything’s Rosie has a range of fun educational activities and videos to keep your son or daughter occupied. We try to make it fun and rewarding, whether it is a printout activity or free online episodes teaching your kids about everyday things.

2.Get Discovering!

Go on an adventure this weekend and discover exciting wildlife with mini beast binoculars! These cool binoculars can be used on rainy and sunny days, indoors and outdoors. This is a fun way to let creative juices flow and learn about wildlife – all at the same time! 

3.Colouring fun!

Get out the colouring pens and pencils for your kids and let their imaginations run wild! Everything’s Rosie has a range of colouring sheets to print out, so whether your little one is a huge fan of Raggles, Big Bear or Monty – you will be spoilt for choice! Check out some brilliant completed colouring sheets below sent in from some of our viewers! 

Colouring fun!

4.Build a Fort!

Kids have amazing imaginations, so why not build a castle fort? These can easily be created using things from right inside your home. Chairs, clothes pegs, duvet covers and pillows – anything you can find! It doesn’t have to be a castle fort – what about your very own cosy cinema? Prepare some healthy snacks and grab your laptop or set up your TV and you are ready to go! If you are stuck on what to watch, we have many free episodes of Everything’s Rosie to watch! 

Build a Fort!

5.Get creative in the Kitchen!

For once, let your little ones be head chef for the day! Cooking can be a messy but rewarding experience and is great for discovering new tastes. Baking is a great way to learn all about measurements and different foods that can come together to create something really yummy. Check out our simple cooking recipes for ideas on getting your child into the kitchen!

6.Make a treasure hunt!

This is a great way to get your kids moving, whether it be indoors or outdoors! Print out our cool colouring sheets and get your little ones to colour in the characters before carefully cutting them out. After, hide them around the house – or even outdoors if the weather is nice! And let the challenge of finding them begin!

7.Practice maths and literacy!

This may sound boring for children however, you can make this super fun with Everything’s Rosie and our educational print out activity sheets. We have fun math sheets like count with Rosie and reading skills through our exciting stories like The Last Snowball. Learning can be fun with the right tools. With exciting adventures and stories, your little ones will be excited to learn!

Practice maths and literacy!

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